Princess Soup Kitchen
Description: Get ready for the funniest cooking session you’ve ever had! Forget about measured ingredients, finely chopped pieces of meat or organic vegetables and get ready to put in your pot fresh frog legs, bat wings, unicorn horns or other crazy ingredients that will make our princess see rainbows or float with pleasure. Now let’s join her in getting the ‘Princess Soup Kitchen’ game for girls started, check out the wide variety of ingredients we’ve prepared at your disposal, select your favorites and get the cooking started. There are fresh vegetables to choose from, meat, condiments, pasta, flour, oil, vinegar and some super special ingredients that you can use anytime and in any quantity. Select the ones you like, chop each ingredient before adding it to the pot, season, stir the mixture well and then invite our princess to taste your super special soup. Wait for her reaction… it’s priceless and different with every new recipe you try. Keep in mind: in order to master our soup cooking game you’ll have to create many unique recipes and collect all the 12 badges we’ve prepared for you! Good luck and have fun!

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Princess Soup Kitchen Walkthrough